Veikkaus Introduces New Limits | Read More

Veikkaus is much-discussed in today’s hottest betting news as the state-owned operator has implemented new rules.

As it has been informed, Veikkaus has made a bettor identification obligatory and set a daily loss limit for the retail betting sector.

The regulation will come into force on June 10

Starting from this day, punters who want to place a bet in various bookmaking points of sales, including shops, restaurants, and kiosks, will need to go through the identification procedure. If a bettor is verified as a “loyal client”, he or she will be able to stake. To get verified, clients should have a special card or prove their identity via a driving license. This will help to support the agency’s initiative dedicated to responsible gambling.

Another rule is connected with the financial aspect. Veikkaus has introduced a restriction of €1500 for the land-based betting sector. It will be applicable to a final match outcome. It means that customers can make a limited purchase in betting shops. However, according to the operator representatives, this limit will prevent match-fixing cases.

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