Sports Betting Integrity Overview for July-September

The UK Gambling Commission has published the data on the suspicious wagering cases for July-September 2021.

The news about the betting sector from the UKGC overviews the level of sports betting integrity, the number of illegal actions in wagering among sectors and regions.

Statistics and highlights from the SBIU

Great Britain’s watchdog reported about the events held in support of the integrity of the sports betting industry. In addition to this, the regulator has provided the information obtained by one of its units – the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (SBIU) – which gets notifications about fraud in sports betting.

According to the SBIU’s data for the period of July-September, the majority of reports (fifty-six percent) have come from football, which is one of the most popular sports in the world. Eighteen percent belongs to the tennis sector, fifteen – esports, eleven – other sports. Betting operators became the main source of information – thirty-seven percent of all messages about suspicious wagering cases came from them. Thirty-one percent of reports were submitted by sports governing bodies. Data providers and national platforms have nineteen and six percent respectively.

The SBIU also reported about the regions where the cases took place and the bodies engaged in them. As it was informed, more than twenty-five countries had suspicious betting cases with both local and international governing agencies being engaged.

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