Spanish Gambling Industry Revenue in Q1 2021

According to the latest financial news, the first quarter of 2021 in Spain for the gambling market showed incredible results. GGR was €240.1m and 3.8% more than in the last quarter of 2020. Read more below.

While the number of new accounts grew by 7.9% compared to the previous year’s fourth quarter, the total average of active gambling accounts was 22.7% up in comparison to the same moment of 2020.

Sports betting reached €110.3m or 45.6%. It’s slightly less than in Q1 2020, but it’s by 6.5% more than in Q4 2020.

What about casino and poker? Casino is up 28.3% by contrast with the same period of time in 2020. Poker is the next of the main profitable sectors for this quarter. It has made €25.0m, which is by 3.1% more than the previous year.

Unfortunately, not all of the sectors of the gambling industry are that successful for the first quarter of 2021. Bingo brings up €3.6m, down 2.4%. Prize draws also brought less than in a previous year. If in Q1 2020 it was €1.9m, in 2021, it’s €1.7m.

All cost in Q1 2021

Generally, all spendings that were made for marketing are €148.4m:

  • advertising – €71.5m;
  • promotional costs – €56m;
  • affiliate marketing – €12.4m;
  • sponsorship – €8.5m.

All areas except affiliate marketing were less costly than in 2020. Altogether, marketing spend was down 1.7%.

During all this quarter of 2021, there were 80 licensed operators. 51 of them offered casino gaming, 44 offered sports betting, 9 – poker, 3 – bingo, and 2 – prize draws.

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