Spain Drafts New Regulations to Develop Safe Gaming Environment

The latest gambling news on legislation reports that a list of new regulations in the Spanish iGaming market has been proposed by the country’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The draft for the Royal Decree project on safe gambling aims to improve player protection in the country and launch a legal framework for the matter.

The Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) has announced a consultation on the project, accepting contributions from all interested parties until August 9, 2021.

DGOJ imposes session-based loss limits

The decree project sets a “safety-first” approach for both operators and customers in the regulated Spanish market, ensuring that players’ rights to safe gambling and self-exclusion are maintained. 

Among other proposed measures, the draft legislation introduces new loss limits for every game session. Prior to entering any game, players will have to enter a time and net spending limit, which can’t be changed during the play and should be reset for every gambling session. The gambling operator must offer players to restrict access to the platform if they reach the limit during the gaming session.

Moreover, if a user wishes to gamble within an hour of their previous game, the platform should present a warning message. Every half an hour of the game, the casino platform must inform a player of the net loss and time spent on the website.

Every licensed Spanish operator will have to feature a “safe gambling info” link on the homepage of its online platform and have a customer helpline in the Spanish language. The project outlaws any information encouraging to stay on the website after sustaining, namely the popular “losses distinguished as wins” messages.

As for sports wagering, users would be required to set a maximum spending sum in 24 hours before placing a bet.

In addition, operators will have to gather and analyze monthly gambling data for each user to identify players with a high risk of developing a gambling addiction. Users will be deemed as high-risk if they reach at least 50 percent of the maximum loss limit set by DGOJ at least three times. Younger players, which are under 25, will be considered at risk when hitting 25 percent of the loss limit twice. Those incentive players won’t be able to use credit cards for deposits and participate in any bonus programs. The younger audience also can’t be a part of the casino’s VIP programs and must receive more notifications on safe gambling.

The Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs plans for the project to be legislated by July 2022.

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