New legislative amendment to hit incomes of casino workers in Iowa

Recently, the Iowa legislature has introduced a new minimum hourly income for casino workers. According to the upcoming legislation, their $9.06 rate will get permanent status. It means that even if the minimum wage increases on the federal level, casino employees will continue to earn no more than $9.06 per hour after December 31.

Democratic spokesman Chris Hall expressed his disappointment with the decision. He argues that casino workers regularly face many challenges in their work environment, including the constant interaction with smoking customers.

One of the Iowa Gaming Commission representatives disagreed with the democratic spokesman. He argued that if the government increased the minimum hourly rate to $15, casinos would have to pay employees 125% of this amount. In other words, workers’ hourly rate will rise to almost $19 under these circumstances, and casinos can experience severe financial issues because of this.

Besides that, the meeting participants added a provision about the tax on the so-called promotional play to the bill. Under current legislation, when casinos provide customers with a small credit for trial bets, this money is considered the establishment’s income and thus is taxed. The new amendment will remove the taxation of such promotional offers.

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