IBIA Wants To Put End to Match-Fixing in Tennis

Responding in betting news articles dedicated to match-fixing cases in tennis published in the Netherlands’ mass media, the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has asked all involved to inform the ITIA – International Tennis Integrity Agency – about this.

There is information that ten tennis players have taken part in sports manipulation together with a match-fixer. It is important to mention that match-fixing was a common problem for the most popular sports in the world in 2021.

IBIA wants to find out more about the case

The information came from an anonymous player during his participation in a podcast. He has stated that ten professional tennis sportsmen have relation to match-fixing actions together with a person who is involved in this not for the first time.

The head of the IBIA has asked everyone who knows some facts about the situation to inform the ITIA as soon as possible. All who have been contacted by individuals aiming at wangling sports matches should get in touch with responsible bodies to prevent this. The CEO has added that the Association is closely connected with other sports agencies and is ready to investigate the case. He has said that the fight against match-fixing and support of sports betting integrity are key goals of the organization.

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