How’s the Macau Gambling Market Recovery Going?

Macau still has been trying to recover from the global pandemic crisis. According to the local financial news on the gambling sector, Macau GGR in 2022 will probably be just 60-70% of the 2019 GGR. The experts expect the market to grow not earlier than 2023.

According to Aras Poon, an associate director at the rating house, the Macau gambling market will be unstable until 2022. The first step of the recovery start will be the tourism renewal between mainland China and Macau. Mr. Poon also added that the weakness stage will be listed for the next 2 quarters.

Founding the experts’ rates, in 2022 Macau mass GGR will grow by 70-80% of 2019 revenue. Talking about VIP GGR, it will be counted by 40-50% from 2019 income.

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Aras Poon also noticed the possible future problems for VIP GGR. The main one is problematic transport between mainland China and Macau. The government won’t remove all the restrictions at once because there’s still a risk of COVID-19 spread. Another issue is the weakness of the property market.

The experts are also predicting new investments in non-gaming amenities by the government and more benefits and guarantees for employees.

The Macau government also collected around $287.2 million (MOP2.30 billion) gambling taxes in October 2021. This sum is bigger by 29.9% than in September 2021, when the sum was MOP1.77 billion.

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