DCMS Wants to Assess National Lottery Tender Process

As the latest UK news about the lottery sector informs, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is going to evaluate the 4th competition for the National Lottery contract.

DCMS wants to assess the process of acquiring a license for operating the National Lottery in the country. The procedure started on August 28, 2020.

Stakeholders will answer several questions about the tender

A successful bidder of the lottery tender will get a ten-year license and a status of an official National Lottery operator. It will be announced in September and will get a two-year period for taking up the duty. Currently, Camelot holds this position.

The main aim of the tender is to improve the lottery services for its players as well as cover all allocations for good causes. At the same time, a new operator has to be innovative enough to bring novel ideas to this vertical and still keep to the National Lottery’s exclusive standards.

The initial reasons for conducting an inquiry were recent concerns about the revenue generated by the National Lottery given for good causes. It was revealed that Camelot’s revenue increased while funding of such projects didn’t change considerably. DCMS, in its turn, has stated that there will be obligatory requirements for a license holder, which will ensure equal profit growth for both an operator and good causes. Stakeholders will answer several questions concerning the efficiency of the competition, calculation of contributions to good causes, and transition between license periods.

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